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Lothar Spree makes movies, television programs and media art since 1961–1968 education at famed hfg ulm - hochschule fuer gestaltung ulm & institut fuer filmgestaltung ulm. Henceforth he produced and directed films for cinema, industry and exhibitions, countless television programs and many media art projects for a diversity of venues.From 1976 on he produced a large number of television programs for channels such as ARTE, ARD, ZDF, SFB, WDR, BR, ORF, RAI, DRS etc. as well as corporate and educatdional films, receiving the Grimme Award in Silver and numerous other awards over the years. Because he projected and built many film & media schools and departments internationally, he was called in 2003 by the College of Communication & Art at Tongji University Shanghai to create the Department for Film/TV & MediaArt.After completion of this task he continued to live & work in Shanghai as free media art artist, producer and consultant.Since 2009 he is Professor for Digital Media Design at the newly founded D&I College of Design & Innovation, Tongji University Shanghai.He is Associated Professor at ZKM & HfG Karlsruhe, Honorary Professor at Bauhaus University Weimar Germany, and representative of hfg_OF Design Academy Offenbach am Main working in China, Hong Kong, Okinawa and Germany.

Some recent media works1994 –1999 Project ÇHAMP - Cultural Heritage Archaeology and Media Project with University of Cambridge UK, University Karlsruhe, ZKM, HfG Karlsruhe, EIKK European Film Institute etc.. - EU supported German-Italien-British-Turkish Research Project in Turkey, Europe, UK 1998 Catal Höyük ...When men began to live in cities. CD-ROM production EIKK / HFG KA / ZKM, University Karlsruhe / Many Film & Archeology Festivals / Mass distribution in „PM“ Science Magazine 2000 The 92 Faces of Peter Greenaway - CD-ROM Cinema Lectures Production of EIKK, in collaboration with Dirk Schulz / EIKK European Film Institute in Karlsruhe.2002 Margarethe von Trotta – Jahrestage – Literature and Film, - CD-ROM Cinema Lectures EIKK, with Dirk Schulz on a Seminar by Margarethe von Trotta, German film maker / EIKK/HfG Karlsruhe.1999–2002 Charlemagne – The Making of Europe / Exhibition Design and Multi Screen Installations plus DVDs for 1200 Years Charlemagne in Europe, EU Project in five languages in Paderborn Germany, Barcelona Spain, Brescia Italy, Split Croatia, EU MEDIA supported project,2004 Einer fuer Schabbach - Documentary Film about Edgar Reitz, German film maker “Heimat”, for SWR German Television, 30 min.2004–2005 Internetfilms for German ARD / SWR Television 2006–2007 CDHK Image Film for DAAD / CDHK; Educational Production Model with CoC&A Tongji, hfg_Offenbach, Conservatory Beijing University, DAAD And CDHK Chinese German College at Tongji University / 14 min 2005–2008 The Electronic Zoo Media Art Education Workshop, Tongji University Shanghai / BizArt Artspace Shanghai / Millennium Dialogue Media Art Conference & Exhibition Beijing 2005 / Publication Tongji Shanghai 2008 40+4 Art is not enough. Not enough! – Media Art Installation for CinaCinaCina!!! Exhibition in Palazzo Strozzi Florence Italy 2008 40+4 eArt Shanghai Electronic Art Exhibition 10/2008 Shanghai China 2008 NEW MEDIA NEW LIFE Dean Conference on New Media Education at Tongji University Shanghai 2008 40+4 Indonesia at Cemeti Art House, Yogyakarta Indonesia (production) 2008 40+4 Sainsbury Art Center, Norwich UK 03/2009 / and at Museum of Contemporarz Photography Columbia College Chicago USA 20092009 Five Shanghai Germans, Stage Back Galery Shanghai